Tuesday, June 29

Kathy Griffin visits Levi Johnston in Alaska on D-List

Tonight on the 3rd episode of the new season of "My Life on the D-List," she goes to Alaska and visits 'her lover' Levi Johnston. He is not that communicative but he is actually a good friend. It is not like just for publicity. He hangs out with them a lot and is actually friendly, charming and sexy. He is a man's man, he's young and gets Kathy's humor. And she is helping him to be more understanding about gay people. They were going to her book signing, double it up with having him sign his playgirl magazines and she had him 'practice' with her with mostly gay guy fans scenarios. AND there was a lot of gay guy fans! Borders didn't sell the Playgirls and didn't him sign his. But some gays snuck in the magazines and three lovely ladies as well. Levi looked a bit freake dout. it is something practicing and joking around with Kathy in a safe environment and then actually seeing the flamboyant fanboy fans. I think it really helped Levi and I think it surprised not only Levi, but me that there were that many openly gay men in Alaska.

Also, in the episode Tiffany had a little Bachelorette contest int he bar that Levi's manager/bodyguard owns. Even though Tiffany is looking for her own little Chris Brown, she ended up with Harry from Aintitcoolnews.com, but there's nothing wrong with that. I was going for the cute guy Chris that said he's beautiful and she's beautiful. I am surprised she didn't go for him since she onced said she liked Justin Timberlake. But I guess she went for the underdog. AND we saw Levi's bum in Playgirl pictures but even with clothes on, his butt looks hot. He is not that sexy but he has this real guy sexiness.