Thursday, June 17

Do Justin Timberlake and Matthew Morrison look alike since they are playing brothers?

It has been announced that Justin Timberlake will appear on 'Glee' for one episode in the second season. Justin will be playing Will's brother and is a substitute teacher and will join the glee club for a week. The producers say that they look alike but I don't think very much. They both got short brown hair and blue eyes. What do you think?

I am all for Guest Stars but not musical ones because what if they want to sing a Justin Timberlake song? And I think they already did (Cry Me A River), and I am not just gonna accept 'Oh, he looks like Justin Timberlake.' Putting glasses on him and changing his hair would be enough for me. But Glee is always tongue-in-cheek anyway so it doesn't matter too much.