Thursday, March 4

Project Runway Season Seven Episode 7 Review

The challenge was to make a fashion-forward outfit made from materials from a hardware store.

Mila's was okay, but it was a bit too obvious. It was beautiful but Jay really deserved to win. I like that she mixed it up, that it was layered and detailed.

Maya's accessory was great, she really worked really hard on it and thought it through. I liked her black armor thingy. I wasn't crazy about the color of the dress but the whole outfit looked awesome. Maya now stands out as a definite contender.

Jay's outfit was stunning. It did not look it was made of trash bags. He did a great job. I loved the colors. He deserved to win. They have seen garbage bags before on the show, that is true. He is the only successful one.

Emilio's outfit was horrible, there was no taste. He was so stuck-up in not using materials like the others and when he had to return half the stuff, he should have got something else. Because what he ended up with was tasteless and tacky. I mean, if he had the time and talent, he would've done something awesome. Emilio is all talk. I don't think Jesse should have been one of the bottom two, it should have been Anthony. Anthony held back. I am going for Anthony, he's great but poor Jesse. Jesse is such a cutie. What? Jesse out?!!! Emilio should have been out! WTF! Crazy. Jesse did not deserve it. I agree with Jesse's frustration. I think it is because Jesse (he has been in the bottom 3 two times) didn't win before. Emilio won the first one, and was once on the top three.