Monday, March 22

Peter Dinklage plays gay character in Death At a Funeral

Frank Oz directs a remake of the British 2007 film Death At a Funeral, the majority of the film is mostly African-American except for James Marsden (Enchanted)--who does a nude scene under what was thought to be Valium--husband to Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Luke Wilson (Old School) and Peter Dinklage (Station Agent). Peter Dinklage wants 30 thousand dollars or he will show incriminating photos. One funny line that Chris Rock says to Martin Lawrence, who plays his brother: "Our father was bromantically involved with a guy who could fit in his pocket and you are mad because he's white?!" Peter Dinklage was in the original film, his character was named Peter, while in this he is Frank but essentially it is the same role. Both trailers have the same jokes! Only the original one had Peter and the dad was Trojans and the new one has them as soldiers. And it was Dollhouse's Alan Tudyk in the nude on the roof.