Saturday, March 27

23rd Nick Kids Choice Awards 2010

I haven't seen the Kids Choice Awards for years. When the Teens Choice Awards came out, I wasn't a teenager anymore. But now that I am a substitute teacher and having a little nephew, I am getting into watching Nick and Disney again. As you know, there is rivalry between the two channels, but they say there isn't anymore. It was interesting to see who has won and who doesn't. For best show, there was three nominees that were Disney shows (Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny with a Chance) and iCarly---and iCarly won. And for best male actor, Dylan Spruce of Disney won and all nominees for it were from Disney (his twin brother and the Jonas Brothers). Not seeing the show in a long time, it hasn't changed much since I was a kid (early 90's), I still can't understand what the heck anyone is saying, it is really loud and somewhat dis-organized production wise. I suppose it is because of the involvement of children.

And what happen to Katy Perry? She clearly was acting crazy or was doing drugs. She was acting plastic. She came out to announce with Jonah Hill, whose real birthday is December, said he was born without a birthday. Katy ended up getting slimed! Yes! For ripping-off Lady Gaga. Then proceeded to hug Jonah and cry, saying it taste like barf. Jonah was funny in saying the Winner was Precious, no, it was Miley Cyrus--who didn't want to be hugged by Katy. I am really bummed Hannah is getting a 4th season, I was happy it was finally being canceled. I think the host instead of Kevin James, should have been Freddie and Sam from iCarly, they were really good at performing and keept the audience controlled when showing something about an Ultimate Dance-Off or something. Tina Fey's banter with Steve Carrel was labored (I don't think she wrote it) and she could have written something better. Steve definitely got slimed more than Tina, she probably got into it.

For those kids reading this, The Big Help, that has been revived for the Haiti Earthquake and an award for Michelle Obama, Big Help was a big 8-hour event that started in 1994, it went on for about 7 or 8 years. It took up the whole Nickelodeon channel for a day and it had lots of celebrities. It was great, I would call on a special phone number and hear a Nicktoon character thank for the call. The Big Help was for environmentalism and caring for the community.