Sunday, September 27

Legends that played Evil Grandmas

Those who watched "That 70's Show," "Brothers & Sisters" or "Gilmore Girls" remember the evil mean grandmas. Well the grandma is played by the same woman! Yes, Eric Forman's grandmother Bernice Forman, Lorelai's grandmother Lorelai 'Trix' Gilmore, family member Marilyn, and Ida Holden were played by Marion Ross. Bernice was mean to Eric's mom Kitty, Trix was mean to Lorelai's mother, and Ida Holden is mean to pretty much everybody---and there is a character in "Brothers & Sisters" named Kitty too!

Marion Ross was the sweet mother arion Cunningham on "Happy Days," she has been on many many shows. She will be 81 in October! Marion Ross seems to be the go-to old mean lady.

Cloris Leachman played the evil grandmother Ida on "Malcolm in the Middle." She has played other mean old ladies lately but not really recurring roles (like for example, she played Mr. Shefield's old nanny in one episode of "The Nanny"). She is 83.

Cloris Leachman is best known as Phyllis of "The Mary Tyler Show" and "Phyllis." She has won eight Primetime Emmy Awards—more than any other female performer—and one Daytime Emmy Award. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 1971 film The Last Picture Show.

Thursday, September 24

Project Runway Season Six Episode Six quick review

Sorry Nicholas, I didn't like your outfit. That outfit was boring and was no ice queen, I have seen better ice queens. The bottom two should have not been Ra'mon vs. Louise, it should have been Louise vs. Gordana, also Gordana should have been voted out. She is not creative at all. I am shocked Ra'mon was voted out, he has so much promise. I understand Louise crying too, I don't think she expected that and was shocked. One thing I won't miss is Ra'mon's pauses between what he says.

Monday, September 21

Pole Dance Teacher for girls

This might be old news for some people, but earlier this month, it was revealed this doll was going to be in the market---Peaches, who is to teach little girls how to pole dance. The reason people are blaming Miley Cyrus is because she danced on a pole in a recent performance. This is appalling and inappropriate.

NY Daily News

Wednesday, September 16

Tuesday, September 15

News Media Scaring Parents

This morning, a teenage student was stabbed at Coral Gables Senior High School and died, the stabber was in custody, still considered a suspect. Identities have not been released as of yet. It is an ongoing investigation. But, what bothers me is the usual media saturation. WPLG 10, who I respected, interviewed an underage student on his cell phone---and I believe they got no permission from the school or his parents. And they were talking to a woman on the phone WHILE she was driving. Isn't that illegal? These people are irresponsible. Also, these 'reporters' act surprised when the parents panicked and went to the school and often said they were nervous. YOU MADE THEM NERVOUS with all your breaking news. When the police and superintendent clearly said not to go and pick up the kids because the school was on lock down.


Saturday, September 12

"The Troop" Nick TV Review

Nickelodeon had a preview of "The Troop," a new sci-fi show about three teenage freshmen that fight monsters. It reminds me of Nickelodeon shows from the 90's. The special effects are like any children's live-action TV show and doesn't supply anything new in the dynamics of teenagers, just the same cliches. The one show that comes to mind that supply some new takes was Disclassified Ned's guide to something, whatever it was called and Lizzie Mcguire. It has some interesting takes and nice casting, the kids are talented, they don't take spaces before breathing, which is common in kids' shows.

Thursday, September 10

Glee Episode Two Review

I wasn't going to review Episode 2 of Glee, it's not like I am going to review all the episodes. It was very interesting how it continued from the pilot and twisted facts from the pilot. Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) is more in this episode, more of a bitch, more of a villain, very blunt. We see less of Coach Ken Tenaka (who is Asian--who knew?!), but he has a sweet speech. Will becomes Janitor to earn more money for his pregnant and demanding wife, the wife Terri (played by the talented Jessalyn Gilsig) is a big bitch. Terri finds out she is not pregnant and lies to her husband, I knew she was going to say 'son' and that is what happens. I was not under Matthew Morrison's spell in the pilot but I am here, after seeing him perform "Gold Digger." They perform like over five songs in the episode. The chemistry between Cory Monteith (Finn) and Lea Michele (Rachel) is getting better, it's cute. I don't appreciate how Kurt and Rachael are often treated like shit--being thrown slurpees on or dumped in trash. I liked the scene where the gang dances in front of everyone in a 'sexy' dance and Kurt slaps Finn's butt, he's okay with it for a second, but then he realizes and thinks everyone thought he enjoyed it and looks worried---all told by Cory's face. I also liked the scene where Rachel prepared a picnic for Cory and he was like "I was wondering what that was." By the way, the Realtor looked like Miss Piggy. I also liked the bizarre celibacy club---putting balloons in the middle of couples.

Wednesday, September 9

The Guest Host on The View?

Meghan McCain (John's great granddaughter) was the guest host today on the View covering for the loud pregnant lady Elizabeth Hassle My Back. That outfit and boots she wore wear not flattering a tall. She wore grey furry boots, black tights and a long shirt blouse.

Tuesday, September 8

Dog chasing train commercial reference in Family Guy

There is an early episode of Family Guy where Brian chases a small train and it disappears and he says "some day." and I never understood why. What reference was this I did not understand. I watched an early episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and a Ronald Reagen impersonator mentions a Christmas commercial of a dog chasing a toy train. This could be the reference.

Monday, September 7

Underated Legend that is Doug E. Doug

In 1993, he had his first sitcom "Where I live" on ABC and I loved it. It was such an overrated show. It was in danger of being canceled, Bill Cosby helped giving it a Season Two. But it was moved to Saturday and was canceled because of low ratings. It was about a teenage Trinidadian-American who lives in Harlem. It was so funny. In 1996, he was in the show "Cosby," Bill Cosby's second show, not the famous one. I remember one episode where he was recording a song and Bill Cosby started yelling at him to turn the music down and the song became famous for the 'screaming dad.' That is the only memorable episode.

Anyhoo, Doug went on to do the remake That Darn Cat (1996) with Christina Ricci. He was also in failures like Operation Dumbo Drop and Shark Tale, but now he has been doing voice overs like on "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" and "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law." Also, he played Sanka Coffee in Cool Runnings (1996). The role he had as Ashleigh's father should have been more bigger. It seemed it was a little bit muted, but all expressions in his face told more trut than anything. Doug also appeared on Sesame Street in Season 30, playing a barber who helps Baby Bear overcome his fear of haircuts. He has made other cameos.

Friday, September 4

This Fall TV Preview is not doing it for me

This fall season is not really doing it for me. I used to look forward to the fall season since I was 9 but now, it just sucks. Many of the shows feel like re-hashes and some of them are. It is just the same people over and over. For example, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton both failed with their sitcom "Back to You" and now are trying their own sitcoms "The Middle" and "Hank." Can't they take a hint? The only promising show is "Glee" but like my best friend says, if it is different and smart and on FOX, then it will fail. Why House and 24 have survived is because they have been able to be mainstream and not quirky. "Glee" is quirky. Other familiar faces are Dominic Monaghan ("Lost") in "FlashForward," Scott Wolf ("Party of Five," "Everwood") and Elizabeth Mitchell ("24") in V, Christian Slater ("My Worst Enemy") in "The Forgotten," Julianna Marglies ("ER") in "The Good Wife," Courtney Cox ("Dirt") in Cougar Town, Alex O'Laughlin ("Moonlight") in "Three Rivers." Now we have yet another nurse show "Mercy", adding to "Nurse Jackie" and "Hawthrone," but it isn't on cable, so maybe it will survive like "Mentalist" has been able to with it being a clone copy of "Psych."

"Melrose Place" is just yet another re-hash. And "Eastwick" what is that? Christian Slater had a failed show ("My Worst Enemy") last fall and "The Forgotten" is a ironic name, it is just going to be forgotten. I think "The Vampire Diaries" will be a bad show but will survive thanks to tweens and will be like "One Tree Hill" and "Smallville." "The Beautiful Life" (The CW) will not survive. "Community" (NBC) is a tough thing, it is a new sitcom headed by Joel Mchale, I love him and I want it to survive but it can be a slippery slope. For sure the ABC sitcom "Modern Family" won't survive because it has a gay couple in it and so did 2003 ABC sitcom "It's All Relative" and that did not survive. The FOX sitcom "Brothers" won't survive, why does FOX keep putting bad sitcoms? The only funny thing they got are their cartoons and "The Cleveland Show" seems like more of the same.

Thursday, September 3

Project Runway Season Six Ep 3

I don't want to comment on every episode but I feel I must here. This episode, was crazy. The challenge was to have a swim-wear inspired concept. The majority of the people did dresses and not swim suits. It is so funny that the designers I did like were not picked. I did not like the designs that Johnny and Irna did---which the judges loved. I thought they would win. The Avant Garde one that Ra-Mon did was so badly constructed, it looks horrible. I am glad that Vanessa (the others dubbed her 'mother hen.') the model came back when one was absent for a fitting. Ra'Mon is amazing that he made three outfits basically. I liked the wetsuit one but the problem was the fabric. Ra'Mon won and Mitchell lost, the first time for a team captain to be kicked out for a winning design. Mitchell had to go and I wonder why he wasn't kicked out in the first episode. Ra'Mon amazed me because I didn't think he would win. Nicholas' designs were interesting, they were great and I don't know why the judges did not like them. I agree with them with the bottom of the first design. I liked the fishnet thingies in the second design. It is avant garde! Epresson and Quistal, I honestly believe that she picked him because he's black. He is so laid back and it is a surprise what he did. I think he did want to take over.