Friday, September 4

This Fall TV Preview is not doing it for me

This fall season is not really doing it for me. I used to look forward to the fall season since I was 9 but now, it just sucks. Many of the shows feel like re-hashes and some of them are. It is just the same people over and over. For example, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton both failed with their sitcom "Back to You" and now are trying their own sitcoms "The Middle" and "Hank." Can't they take a hint? The only promising show is "Glee" but like my best friend says, if it is different and smart and on FOX, then it will fail. Why House and 24 have survived is because they have been able to be mainstream and not quirky. "Glee" is quirky. Other familiar faces are Dominic Monaghan ("Lost") in "FlashForward," Scott Wolf ("Party of Five," "Everwood") and Elizabeth Mitchell ("24") in V, Christian Slater ("My Worst Enemy") in "The Forgotten," Julianna Marglies ("ER") in "The Good Wife," Courtney Cox ("Dirt") in Cougar Town, Alex O'Laughlin ("Moonlight") in "Three Rivers." Now we have yet another nurse show "Mercy", adding to "Nurse Jackie" and "Hawthrone," but it isn't on cable, so maybe it will survive like "Mentalist" has been able to with it being a clone copy of "Psych."

"Melrose Place" is just yet another re-hash. And "Eastwick" what is that? Christian Slater had a failed show ("My Worst Enemy") last fall and "The Forgotten" is a ironic name, it is just going to be forgotten. I think "The Vampire Diaries" will be a bad show but will survive thanks to tweens and will be like "One Tree Hill" and "Smallville." "The Beautiful Life" (The CW) will not survive. "Community" (NBC) is a tough thing, it is a new sitcom headed by Joel Mchale, I love him and I want it to survive but it can be a slippery slope. For sure the ABC sitcom "Modern Family" won't survive because it has a gay couple in it and so did 2003 ABC sitcom "It's All Relative" and that did not survive. The FOX sitcom "Brothers" won't survive, why does FOX keep putting bad sitcoms? The only funny thing they got are their cartoons and "The Cleveland Show" seems like more of the same.