Thursday, September 3

Project Runway Season Six Ep 3

I don't want to comment on every episode but I feel I must here. This episode, was crazy. The challenge was to have a swim-wear inspired concept. The majority of the people did dresses and not swim suits. It is so funny that the designers I did like were not picked. I did not like the designs that Johnny and Irna did---which the judges loved. I thought they would win. The Avant Garde one that Ra-Mon did was so badly constructed, it looks horrible. I am glad that Vanessa (the others dubbed her 'mother hen.') the model came back when one was absent for a fitting. Ra'Mon is amazing that he made three outfits basically. I liked the wetsuit one but the problem was the fabric. Ra'Mon won and Mitchell lost, the first time for a team captain to be kicked out for a winning design. Mitchell had to go and I wonder why he wasn't kicked out in the first episode. Ra'Mon amazed me because I didn't think he would win. Nicholas' designs were interesting, they were great and I don't know why the judges did not like them. I agree with them with the bottom of the first design. I liked the fishnet thingies in the second design. It is avant garde! Epresson and Quistal, I honestly believe that she picked him because he's black. He is so laid back and it is a surprise what he did. I think he did want to take over.