Tuesday, September 15

News Media Scaring Parents

This morning, a teenage student was stabbed at Coral Gables Senior High School and died, the stabber was in custody, still considered a suspect. Identities have not been released as of yet. It is an ongoing investigation. But, what bothers me is the usual media saturation. WPLG 10, who I respected, interviewed an underage student on his cell phone---and I believe they got no permission from the school or his parents. And they were talking to a woman on the phone WHILE she was driving. Isn't that illegal? These people are irresponsible. Also, these 'reporters' act surprised when the parents panicked and went to the school and often said they were nervous. YOU MADE THEM NERVOUS with all your breaking news. When the police and superintendent clearly said not to go and pick up the kids because the school was on lock down.