Monday, September 7

Underated Legend that is Doug E. Doug

In 1993, he had his first sitcom "Where I live" on ABC and I loved it. It was such an overrated show. It was in danger of being canceled, Bill Cosby helped giving it a Season Two. But it was moved to Saturday and was canceled because of low ratings. It was about a teenage Trinidadian-American who lives in Harlem. It was so funny. In 1996, he was in the show "Cosby," Bill Cosby's second show, not the famous one. I remember one episode where he was recording a song and Bill Cosby started yelling at him to turn the music down and the song became famous for the 'screaming dad.' That is the only memorable episode.

Anyhoo, Doug went on to do the remake That Darn Cat (1996) with Christina Ricci. He was also in failures like Operation Dumbo Drop and Shark Tale, but now he has been doing voice overs like on "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" and "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law." Also, he played Sanka Coffee in Cool Runnings (1996). The role he had as Ashleigh's father should have been more bigger. It seemed it was a little bit muted, but all expressions in his face told more trut than anything. Doug also appeared on Sesame Street in Season 30, playing a barber who helps Baby Bear overcome his fear of haircuts. He has made other cameos.