Thursday, September 10

Glee Episode Two Review

I wasn't going to review Episode 2 of Glee, it's not like I am going to review all the episodes. It was very interesting how it continued from the pilot and twisted facts from the pilot. Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) is more in this episode, more of a bitch, more of a villain, very blunt. We see less of Coach Ken Tenaka (who is Asian--who knew?!), but he has a sweet speech. Will becomes Janitor to earn more money for his pregnant and demanding wife, the wife Terri (played by the talented Jessalyn Gilsig) is a big bitch. Terri finds out she is not pregnant and lies to her husband, I knew she was going to say 'son' and that is what happens. I was not under Matthew Morrison's spell in the pilot but I am here, after seeing him perform "Gold Digger." They perform like over five songs in the episode. The chemistry between Cory Monteith (Finn) and Lea Michele (Rachel) is getting better, it's cute. I don't appreciate how Kurt and Rachael are often treated like shit--being thrown slurpees on or dumped in trash. I liked the scene where the gang dances in front of everyone in a 'sexy' dance and Kurt slaps Finn's butt, he's okay with it for a second, but then he realizes and thinks everyone thought he enjoyed it and looks worried---all told by Cory's face. I also liked the scene where Rachel prepared a picnic for Cory and he was like "I was wondering what that was." By the way, the Realtor looked like Miss Piggy. I also liked the bizarre celibacy club---putting balloons in the middle of couples.