Thursday, April 9

THe Unusuals and Southland: Yet more shows to be canceled

"The Unusuals" and "Southland" are such forgettable names that we won't even know in a few months if they were novels, movies, or a TV show. "Southland" (below) is a serious drama 'from the producers of ER' taking the place of ER on Thursday nights on NBC. While "The Unusuals," is yet another ABC dramedy in the shape "The Nine," "Traveler," and those other forgettable shows. "The Unusuals" tries to be quirky and funny like "Picket Fences" but I think it will soon be canceled. It is a little bit too quirky. For one, it has Adam Goldberg in it, who is so strange (not that is a bad thing) and has had a lot of canceled shows like "Head Cases," "Relativity" and "The $treet." Harold Perrineau's character is afraid he will die so always wears his bullet-proof vest and Jeremy Renner (Dahmer) is the cute 'normal'-ish one? And Amber Tamblyn sticks out like a sore thumb.

The promo to "Southland" is hiliarious, because they say "The people behind the badge." It reminded me of an episode of "The Simpsons," where TV Producers use Homer Simpson's name for a goofy cop TV character, ruining his life and they said they wanted a show about laser-blasting badges and then when they figured that was too expensive, they figured to make a show about who was behind the badge. "Cops?" "Police?" "PoliceCops!" I don't think they will last that long. It stars Benjamin Mckenize and the network are showing him off like a piece of meat. If I didn't know better, the show was about his face. By the way, "The Unusuals" airs after "Lost."