Thursday, April 9

Parks and Recreation Review

I love Amy Poehler, she is a talented comedian and very funny, but I think slotting her with the show "Parks and Recreation" was not a great idea. The premise is way lame, I know "The Office" on the paper sounded lame, but I think "Parks and Recreation" is a bit too mundane to carry a whole show. Amy's character Leslie Knope on the surface is very optimistic and is like one those people that get excited over small things. I think she needs a character that is more extended and gives her more room. Her character gets to be drunk and a little kooky but seems out of the cookie cutter character that was made for her. And it is more boring than funny. The only funny in it is her. Aziz Ansari, who can become a new up and comer, comes off obnoxious. And I love Rashida Jones, but I still don't understand what her character Ann is doing in the show. She doesn't work for the government, her boyfriend just fell in a hole and she complained about it to Leslie and now Leslie wants to build a park on the hole. I guess Leslie and Ann becomes friends. It is just so awkward and not in the good way. Everwood's Chris Pratt plays Ann's injured boyfriend. Does this show have hope? As much as Kath & Kim has to being picked up for next fall. I love comedies that are headed by women, but why can't they be more board and funnier?