Sunday, April 12

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born To Run Series Finale Review

I love "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," it makes sense that it is going to be canceled or has been canceled. It is brilliant and many people, including Terminator movie fans don't like it. Big spoilers here, but most people aren't keeping track with the show. So basically John's uncle Derek Reese, brother of Kyle Reese, had been in the present and recently was killed. John, Sarah, and their Terminator Cameron confront the big villain portrayed by Shirley Manson and she reveals she is terminator and her true intentions. The last villain Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) had been wiped cleaned and made into a creepy child-like robot that was devious. Anyhoo, it turned out that when Cameron met Cromartie, she gave him his chip and he went to the future. Catherine (Manson) started yet another time machine around John and Sarah.

John was determined to go to the future to save Cameron, Sarah just couldn't do it since she had been through so much (her second true love had been killed, before Derek) and she backed out and saw John got sucked into the future. John goes through an awkward naked moment with Catherine, who then made clothes for herself since she is a T-1000 and he meets Derek once again, who has no idea who he is. Since John is now in the future, there was no John Connor. He then meets his father Kyle and a very-alive human Cameron, well, the girl who Cameron was modeled after. So reading TVoholic, he theorizes that this John Connor is the John Connor. Interesting theory. This was the potential season three very interesting, unfortunately we may never see it.

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