Friday, January 9

Titanic vs. Revolunitary Road

Kate Winselt and Leonardo DiCaprio were romantic leads in Titanic (1997) and now reunited 11 years later in Revolutionary Road (2008). In Titanic, they played strangers who met each other in the course of let's say a weekend and fell in love and one died and supposedly, it was the woman's love of her life. While in Revolutionary Road, they play a married couple who stay together for many many years and the relationship doesn't last and ends from what I hear horribly. I understand Revolutionary Road is based on a novel, but I am talking about the movie and the fact that these two actors are playing a romantic couple once again. These two actors Kate Winselt and Leonardo DiCaprio never worked before Titanic together and never have since again until Revolutionary Road.

It is sending a message, probably subliminal and of course--I know--not a clear obvious message or there would be more buya (noise) about it; that in one movie two strangers that barely know each other have the love 'of a lifetime' and in the other movie, they are married for years and it ends badly, falling out of love. Funny enough, in both stories, one half of the pair dies. The message is one of my complaints about Romeo and Juilet! So, a one-night stand can be the best while a long-lasting relationship is bad. Now what sort of message is that sending to the mass public? Not only movie-going audiences but people who just hear about it, which is the majority of the case. Which may not be intentional but it is something worth looking at in the sense of how our society portrays love and how love is interpreted in cinema.