Sunday, January 4

Little Miss Sunshine Cuts

I love Little Miss Sunshine, and yesterday they had the world permiere on the USA network and they are repeating it. When I first heard of the movie, I thought it would be a boring maudlin indie or even worse, a 'zany' family going nowhere but it is an instant classic. It does have a lot of cursing and I am glad it was tastefully blanked, not replaced with ridiciolous words. When movies go on cable, they trim for time, this movie got lots of cuts. For example, when Frank finds his ex in the gas station was completely cut. Probably because it didn't have a lot to do with the central plot and also because of the porn magazines. But! The Porn magazines are shown later but blurred. Funny enough, the grandfather snorting drugs is still left in! With no PATERNAL WARNING before neither! So you parents who think this movie is family safe, the movie was originally rated R. Also cut, for those interested, is when the family enters the motel and little things lke that. I have seen the movie now 5 times and until the fifth time I realized Dwayne wasn't the father's kid.