Wednesday, January 7


Tron (1982) is one of my favorite movies, I was born when it came out but I always saw it on reruns on syndicated channels on saturdays. I was thrilled when it would come on, I was probably six when I could remember it. There was always a rumored that there would be a sequel, some fans don't believe there should be a sequel, that the new technically would outshadow the original or the story would fall flat. I suspected Disney would make a remake, I would accept a remake in a few years. About story---critics say the story fall flat. Anyhoo, Disney surprised fans in July at ComicCon with a sneakpeak trailer to Tron 2. The animation is amazing! From that little clip, I feel the animation is not too over-the-top but enough of a homage to the original that it works. Let's hope the rest of the movie is the same.