Monday, March 27

Zona Cero of MegaTV 22

Well I don't think anyone that watches Mega TV 22 will go online looking for info on it but this is an interesting tidbit. Mega tv is a new local channel which is pronounced Meh-ga Teh-veh in Spanish. Zona Cero is a variety show at 10pm that is based on a radio show of the same name and same people. It used to air live with a delay starting March 1st, the launch of the show. But then last week, because the FCC was upset that the co-host came out naked or something, they decided to do the show pre-recorded on tape. I wasn't there so I don't know.

So okay, today, they did the first segment live. The tables have turned. Why you ask? Because another snafuu happened in thefirst segment pre-recorded of the tape and they had to re-do it live. The rest was pre-recorded. Now the snafuu was that one of the Colombian dancers came out dancing without panties and you could see her shaved snatch. Sorry, no picture. It did not go to air and I doubt anyone will be take a picture of it.