Sunday, March 26

Poor Christian Campbell

Sure looks familar? This Candidian actor was in the short-lived Adian Quinn headed controversial dramedy Book of Daniel. He played the 23-year old gay republican son. I didn't see much of the show, just him flirting with a similar-age altar boy. As for the actor has been trying and trying. He was Reefer Madness (he was in the stage version as well) with his younger sister Neve Campbell (yes younger he will be 34 in May!) and a tv-movie I've Been Waiting For You with Sarah Chalke (Roseanne, Scrubs) and Ben Foster (X-men 3, Flash Forward). Well, there were some unfortuantes in the movie... Soleil Moon Frye who has only recently done voice acting in Bratz and the Proud Family and Maggie Lawson (who Six Degrees here... she guested on Party of Five). Well, he is a year and five months older than Neve.

Okay, so why I am saying Poor Christian? Well, he can't catch a break. An All-American-looking guy that plays jocks and puppy eyed losers. Yeah the reason I put his name up to easy to identify him.