Sunday, March 26

Christian Chavez and Brazil Tragedy

Have I said how much I like You Tube? Better than that crap MySpace, yes I said that crap. I finally found some decent pics of my darling mijo Christian. Probercito, after the tragedy in Brazil that some fans and parents passed away, the evil Spanish media been following them around. In the chisme show La Oreja they followed them and he did speak up. His words were beautiful as always and he started to cry under his sunglasses. So precious!

I decided not to show pictures of that because to just be hounding them at an airport is disgraceful. Yo no quiera ponde fotos de la interviesta porque para perseguir a ellos en un airporto or qualquiera lugar era desgraciado.

He is such a powerhouse performer. Yes, he looks like a chicken in "Aun hay algo" music video. Se pacer pollito.