Friday, March 24

Miami WB 39 and UPN 33: CW

For Local Miami people, now since UPN and WB merged in CW network and it will start in September. WBZL Channel WB 39 will become CW and WBFS Channel UPN 33 will become the new latino Spanglish network 'My Network'.

If you like your syndicated repeats of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin, they will be going to channel 39. That is all I know. As for 'My Network', it will only be in some channels around the country. Only big ones and Miami is so obvious. How do I know this? Inside info!

It will no longer have the channel 6 news. I dunno if they will stay WBZL. They used to be WDZL and they changed it to be B because you know...