Thursday, March 23

First Post


I have wanted to do this for a long time and haven't had time. This blog will be full of lots of random things. Whatever is on my mind about the world around me. Yes, it is one of those blogs. I am rather fond of the hot guy blogs so there will be plenty of that. But, I also know alot about television, music and media, so there will be stuff there too.

Boring Info on me:
If you want to know, I work in Spanish Television unwillingly in Miami, where I was born and raised. I just started a year ago in television production. What I do is record commercials, promos and music videos (adjust color and sound) and import the schedule/logs for the channels on the computer that plays them for air. When you see the logo of the channel stay on during commercials, that is us. If there is a wrong promo airing, that's us. Well, that is things that go wrong. If a commercial is repeated twice, that is not us, that is Traffic, another department.

Well, to have a taste of what this blog will be about, here is a random hottie: