Tuesday, October 23

Male Celebrities with Child Bearing Hips

I thought I would center around that men DO have hips. Many people think hips are somehow only belong to women but just like nipples, men have them. Maybe they don't serve a 'purpose' but here are some male celebs, models, or actors who have prominent thighs. This is not to mock them by any means, actually to applaud their appeal.

Joe Jonas
At 5'8" he has short legs and like his brothers, a big plump ass. Nick Jonas' butt is the biggest and plumpest but Joe's butt isn't as huge but it is still remarkable. He has big thighs, hence Birther hips or child-bearing hips.
All three celeb brothers have big hips and nice butts.

Alex Heartman
Even though not a big celeb, I am a big Power Rangers fan and I have personally met Alex Heartman a.k.a. Jayden/the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai. He has said to also have big thighs and have 'child rearing hips.' I peaked at his backside and even though he doesn't have a prominent protrusion, it was still nice to ogle at. I think the black legs make the thighs pop out a bit.

Michael Phelps
He is an Olympic swimmer so his thighs have to be big and his hips may not be as big and beefy as Joe Jonas' but they do protrude wider than his waist.

 Rick Martin
He has been shaking his hips for years and since he has already reared two kids and held them up to his shirtless torso, I think he qualifies for having child bearing hips. ha ha.

Max Greenfield
Jewish hottie best known as "Schmidt" on "New Girl," he has a pale but tight body, full of cute birthmarks and muscular legs.

Kris Kranz
A model with notable upper legs and impressive body.