Saturday, October 13

Brave Miami Dolphin in Ace Venture: Pet Detective

  Ace Venture: Pet Detective (1994) has always been a great comedy to me as it had the Miami Dolphins in it and most of it was filmed in Miami. I am of course from Miami. It also is one of the first movies I heard of the use of Transgenders. But the thing is that Transgenders are shown in a negative light. The villain is one. Anyway, there is a sequence that features Ace looking at the Dolphins, to check which player has a missing stone in a  ring to find the person who stole the pet dolphin. 

 So in the sequence he is in the bathroom in a stall next to a Miami Dolphin and then the player thinks he is looking at his penis. Jut when we think Ace will get beat up, the player ends up to be interested and chases after him, alluding that he was gay.

 So I think that player was Jeff Uhlenhake. If indeed was an ACTUAL Miami Dolphin and not some actor, then that was EXTREMELY brave of him to do so because some people might think it would ruin his reputation. And plus that this was 18 years ago. Times were different. Maybe these days, no player would do it.