Sunday, October 21

Romney Sons: Rating their Looks

Matt Romney 
 I've seen a picture of his calves, he seems to has a nice body. He's young. He looks like a model but far away from Mitt Romney's looks and almost normal acting.

Josh Romney 
 Here is a funny Internet Meme of him asking if a woman is Sarah Conner, insinuating that he is a Terminator. He is handsome but he has severe looks.

Tagg Romney 
Mitt's first son, he looks the most like him and creepily so. Mitt has a creepy plastic face and so does Tagg. And Tagg looks more poised to run for President like George W. Bush did.

Craig Romney 
The one that looks the least like Mitt Romney and the most normal looking as in average and awkward. He is the youngest and has a wife.

Ben Romney 
The only blonde. Everyone believes he is gay. He is the only one without kids and when I first saw him, I thought he was gay too. Rumor one of the Romney boys are in the closet.