Thursday, November 1

Jem 2012 Dolls at $135!

 Maybe I am a month late but here it is, what we have been waiting for. And wow! Awesome work! They are releasing three dolls but they are for $135. But they are fully poseable! These are soooo made for collectors, it is not even funny. 

 We got Jerrica, who can turn into Jem. I am surprise Pizzazz is not part of this group because they did release Halloween costumes of her.

 Rio is so hot! And they have him in show-accurate clothing, which is not available before. Even with mundane cream and brown colors, he still looks so handsome!

 Synergy has show-accurate clothes and looks fabulous! Who is synergy? She was the computer that made Jerrica into Jem!

At the SDCC 2012, this Hollywood Jem was revealed. Pre-orders are sold out!