Sunday, August 21

Glee Project Winner

I don't have Oxygen, so I can't see the finale episode "Glee-Ality" until it is on Thursday on I will give a review when I see the whole episode. Anyway, I don't mind knowing the winner, er winners. I was hoping the winner would be Damian. I was sure Alex would win, but wasn't nuts about it. I for sure didn't want Samauel or Lindsey would win. I was most against Lindsey because I found her boring, undeserving and fake. I felt Samauel was boring and fake. Anyways, Damian and Samuel both won! Yay Damian! I admit that I would had accepted a character for Alex, a love child of Mercedes and Kurt, but I figure it would cover the same things as Kurt. As for Damian, I definitely like the idea of him as a sweetheart who Britney doesn't understand his accent. As for Samuel, even not watching the episode, I am sure he will be the new Chrisitan character but Damian could had easily been a Christian character (he has said 'Jesus Christ' more than once on Glee Project).