Thursday, August 11

Glee Project - Lindsey should had been eliminated

In the episode "Believability," Hannah won the homework assignment and I felt you could root for her. They asked her to long for Alex but she was longing for Damian in the music video, and they day she was distracted. And Ryan said he would root for her. But she was eliminated. They had more of a conversation with Lindsey and Samael. He says he won't root for Lindsey, and he doesn't see underdog in Samael. And he only had positive words for Hannah. So it was weird that he say 'bye-bye' to Hannah. When Ryan told Samael about Christianity so then Samael was like "I love Jesus Christ." Zack called Hannah a 'great actress.' They felt Sam was one dimensional. But Ryan has cut people that were not deserving before like Emily and Matheus. Well, Emily would had been eliminated eventually. Anyway, yeah they should had eliminated Lindsey. I see where all them could had fit on Glee: Hannah, the cute fun vulnerable one; Alex, the loud talented--he is Kurt and Mercedes combined; Lindsey, the new competition for Rachael; Cameron, cute Christian; Samael, the cool guy that there was more to; and Damien.... I don't know. Lindsey seemed more upset about Hannah being kicked out, when she was alone. Hannah was close, she was 5th, but I hope Ryan calls her back, there is always a possibility. You never know, they could bring her for a small part like Lauren (Puck's latest girlfriend) and bring her back.

(I see Glee Project on Hulu, the episodes air on Oxygen on Sundays and on Hulu, on Thursdays.)