Wednesday, July 13

Strike One Jon Stewart for the Gays

Jon Stewart has always been pro-gay and more progressive about LGBT issues and being a New York citizen, he is more intune with things. But just saying Michelle Bauchmann's husband Markus dancing 'gay' like and is Anti-Gay (with a born-again gay-away therapy), he gets Jerry Seinfeld to help him. But I think it had to do more about comedy and making fun of people. But Seinfeld, who judges men if they are effeminate, evidence by The Marriage Ref. It is ironic, or coincidental or hilarious that Jon is acting like Seinfeld on the Marriage Ref and Seinfeld is actually logic. Is it because it was written for Jerry or does he really feel that way? Because he did go 'blue' on the Marriage Ref, judging a husband for being 'gay' and going for cheap stereotypes. The bit between Jon and Jerry was pretty good. They actually dealt with not going for the 'obvious' stereotype, that Markus' dancing was effeminate and socially incorrectly believed to be 'gay.' Could Jon be intuitive enough to be comparing this behavior to Bauchmann's misuse of the word 'gay'?