Friday, July 22

Jem Inspired T-Shirts and Keytars, the website of LA-based t-shirt imprint Mighty Fine are now working with Hasbro on a line of retro-inspired JEM apparel. Here are the first two shirts, which are in part inspired by the 80's fashion art of Patrick Nagel; we've got Jem in her classic look, as well Stormer, since she seems to still be the most popular Misfit.

In early 1970s, Edgar Winter often performed with keyboards slung around his neck, but they were not technically keytars because they had no "neck." Keytars (Keyboards and Guitars combined) started becoming famous in the 80's, and all us 80's kids know them best from Jem. In the toyline Kimber had a keytar but in the cartoon she had a keyboard. Stormer had a keytar on the show but not in the toyline. I remember keytars most from Jem. Keytars faded with more advanced technology in keyboards and synthesizers but they have become more sophisticated nowadays with a recent resurgence in use, especially from Lady Gaga.