Wednesday, July 6

Bad Teacher Movie Review

I saw this movie a week and a half ago, Cameron Diaz plays a irresponsible and gold digging moral compass-impaired woman who is dumped by her rich fiancee and forced to work at a middle school. Her rival (Lucy Punch) steals the show with her energy and comic timing. Cameron's character Elizabeth never learns her lesson and we don't know who to root for. I think it would had been better if we were to root for her downfall. I miss the days of Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary," her smile and winning laugh, which can't help her out of this. Justin Timberlake brilliantly doesn't break character in a sub teacher, heir to a big company who needs a clue (and a towel after pre-cumming during a dry hump fest). Phyllis Smith ("The Office") is cute and sweet, the movie is really funny but it seems the director leaves us out in sea with this dark comedy. I was more concerned about the children there at the R-rated movie, they probably went for Gibby (Noah Munck) of iCarly who says 'shit' in the movie. They now probably think they can get away with crazy things without consequences, not understanding the movie is a dark comedy and subversive.