Thursday, May 6

Marriage Ref: Thank You Gwen!

Gwen Paltrow appeared on the show "Marriage Ref" with Jerry Seinfeld and Greg Giraldo, who is made fun of all the time on Comedy Central Roasts and only exclusively appears on Comedy Central. Jerry and Greg couldn't stop making fun, saying that the husband (The Rodriguezes of South Beach) is gay. They wouldn't stop making the jokes. Thank you, Gwen for stopping them. She put it wonderfully. She says that they should stay with the problem at hand. Oh god, even Seinfeld repeated his dumb line from his old show Seinfeld, "Not that there's nothing wrong with that."

Seinfeld did address Bones Rodriguez, which didn't understand what he was trying to say, trying to ask him if he was gay. 'Delicious.' Bones really turned it around that saying Greg was effeminate himself. The host was real good, saying what real men. Bones made it really funny. I think the real problem was what is considered feminine and masculine. Bones handled it very well! Kudos to Gwen and Bones. And Greg and Jerry should just avoid the topic all together and Greg should really STOP lisping.