Thursday, June 30

Glee Project Review

I've seen three first episodes of the new reality show of The Glee Project from Oxygen Network. I don't have Oxygen, I am able to see it on Hulu. 12 contestants compete singing, acting, dancing to be an character on Glee. The ones that stand out Damien (who has been in the bottom three thrice), Alex (openly gay African-American), Matheus (a real shorty), Emily (loud flirt) and Hannah (Plus size individual). Each episode they get an assignment like Individuality, Vulnerability and Theatrically. They get a homework song and got one line each and the guest host from the show (Darren Criss or other minor guest stars so far)--the guest picks a standout and they get focus in the music video they do in the middle of the episode. They record vocals with Nikki and then do a music video. From the music video, Robert (cast director) and Zach (choreographer) pick 3 weak links and then they have the bottom 3 sing a song each and they pick who goes home. Pretty easy huh? Well, singing, dancing and acting all together is not the easiest thing.

I won't reveal who has been cast out already, but we already got some personalities out. Like Lindsay, who everyone else feels is a bitch but she doesn't think so, and she just won't stop talking. How Mathias can work his sexy and maybe be a Diva.. or a Divo. Ellis, the negative-nelly. And Emily, who uses comedy to mask her hurt and is a heavy flirt. Alex, seems to be one of the big contenders to win, with his talent and winning personality and willingness to show his vulnerable side. Who I think might fade in the background are Samuel, McKynleigh, and Marissa. But we can always be wrong. I already love Damian and rooting for him and Hannah.