Wednesday, January 12

Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray Review

The movie is great and the DVD is great too, with lots of information, ideas and explanations. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo comes with FOUR discs. One disc is the digital copy, one is the regular DVD (no director's commentary on that), the Blu-Ray is just the movie (with three small cute videos), and the extras on the second disc. The Extras Disc is the one that has two Director's Commentary and lots and lots of extras, jam pack. If you are not familiar with the past two Toy Story re-issues, that has this cute 3 to 5 minute stories (Studio Stories) with drawings that are more or less true story. Two of the feautrettes in the DVD disc and Blu-Ray disc are repeated in the Extras disc. The Directors' Commentary has Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson. The director Lee Unkrich expresses that he wished he had more hours to express more stuff. Darla is the producer, she mostly tells of inside info of little small things in the movie people should keep their eyes out.

In the commentary, Lee does confirm the cameo of Sid, the trash guy--who is wearing the same skull shirt. The Extras are split up by 'Family Fun' and stuff for extreme fans and other stuff. But check it out! Check them out because there ARE THESE AWESOME commercial videos. These are faux commercials for Lotso the bear, made by Pixar and they are to look like real 80's commercials. I do not know how they did it. They look like those commercials recorded off the VHS on YouTube. In the Behind-The -Scenes of the Lotso commercials, they don't reveal much on the technological aspect, but really just some stuff on the shooting with kids, with a small glimpse at use of a portable green screen. Actually the DVD extras has a lot about Lotso, on how they made toy bears to help animate the character for the animators.