Wednesday, January 5

"Modern Family" "Slow Down Your Neighbors" Episode Review

This show is incredible, believe the hype. This is one of the best episodes of the season, maybe the whole series. it had a great way of tying things together and making sense and not feel convoluted. The plot is that Clare is against a driver that speeds way too fast in their neighborhood (which was done before in "Malcolm int he Middle" and a large child-height speed bump), but it didn't end there, Phil's client is the driver! And he has to live a double life to keep them apart. On the other side, the hilarious but never given a chance to be funny handsome actor James Marsden plays Barry, who claims to be the new upstairs neighbor to Mitchell and Cam, but it turns out--SPOILER ALERT-Barry is homeless and living inside their daughter Lily's dollhouse.

Also on the side of Gloria and Clare and Cam's dad, he finds out that Gloria and Manny don't know how to ride a bike. Manny almost rode on a bike with training wheels. So it goes well with Manny but Gloria is a mistake, it is not easy to teach her. So, she goes to look for Phil... but he is busy with his deal, Luke the young crazy boy ends up teaching Gloria. Gloria says she needs someone nurturing, he starts out like that, but he then starts out with squirting her with a squirt gun. Yes, squirt gun! And it works! Right when Clare steals Gloria's bike to go chase the speeder, I forgot to mention that it was established that her fear was to be stolen. Anyway, it was really hilarious and smart episode.