Saturday, January 22

Interesting fact on Disney's Family Tree and Elbridge Gerry

There is a segment that airs during commercials called "My Family Tree" on the Disney Channel. Two children travel to find where their ancestor from their father's side, Elbridge Gerry, lived. Elbridge Gerry was an American statesman, diplomat and Vice-President to the USA. When the question of slavery came before Congress, Col. Isaac Coles of Virginia voted to abolish the practice of slavery, while his brother-in-law Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts voted to retain the same. "In his time there were not many who openly opposed slavery and he was no different, slavery was an unfortunate way of life back then." So basically he did not want to abolish slavery. The two kids' father is named after him and he is White, but their mother is Black and they look more like their mother, their skin color is similar. I think it is a quirky thing about the times, how they change. And maybe a bit ironic. Of course, the segment is short and doesn't mention slavery or how Gerry felt about it. I doubt the Disney Channel would bring it up otherwise in this sort of context.