Monday, January 17

Ricky Gervais Burns a whole bridge

The vampire tooth former fatty but still looks fat British comedian Ricky Gervais --- that repeats 'right.' and 'really?' over and over again --- insulted his way through the whole Golden Globes. I usually love the show but I quit and changed the station mid-way through the show, because just depressed from all the insults, it was just in bad taste to go so far.

It was challenging to keep track of all the celebrities and institutions that Ricky Gervais insulted during his second year as Golden Globes host. But here's a partial list: Charlie Sheen, Cher, Johnny Depp, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Hurley from "Lost," Heather Mills, Bruce Willis, Scientology, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner's fiancee, Sandra Bullock and Tim Allen. Gervais’ biting lines were scattered at various stars (and movies like The Tourist), with not everyone taking kindly to the treatment. Bruce Willis seemed miffed to be called the father of Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr. seemed to take slight umbrage about his rehab past (before going into his own salacious and super speech), etc.