Friday, July 9

Miami has 'Dream Team' Fever

Well, the biggest news in Basketball is Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and the other guy staying/joining Miami Heat and now being branded as the 'Dream Team.' So Miami won't shut up about it. My dad is excited. It's all over the local news. It all started with the fear that Dwayne Wade was going to leave the Miami Heat and everyone wanted him to stay. Even the Mascot Bernie camped outside of the America Airlines Arena (Triple A) to make Wade stay. And then his friend joined and last night was the big announcement from Lebron James. On the Daily Show, Julianne Moore and John Stewart expressed they wanted Lebron for New York. John even made a joke about Lebron's announcement, saying he might say he's on Team Jacob or is a woman. In the end, Lebron chose the Heat, mainly because he's friend Dwayne is on the team. Now all Miamians are expecting Heat to go to the top now and are unstoppable.