Sunday, July 18

Defending the Nick and Disney Kid Shows

I am a sub teacher now and I have a nephew and he watches he likes Nick and Disney. The kids too like it, and I feel like I know what they are talking about. Many people just regard these following shows as kid shows and have no good writing but here are some of my thoughts.

The Good Ones:
iCarly (Nick)
One of the best shows recently from Nick. When I was a kid, the biggest shows on Nick at that time was The Secret World of Alex Mack, Clarissa Explains It All, etc. This show at first look is obnoxious but in fact, it is pretty clever. It is about a teenage girl that does a webshow from her artistic brother's apartment with two friends. It was real great writing. Some of my friends say that Carly as a character is bland and the thing to watch is his brother Spencer. Negatives: The villain in early episodes was a web-blogger named Nevel who was effeminate and wasn't stated was gay but was clearly a gay villain; also there was these two opposing 'pet-ographers' who were clearly gay. I don't like how it is showing that femininity in males is a bad thing or a thing to oppose or make fun of. As always, the interactions between teachers, principal and students is not 'real' enough.

Sonny With a Chance (Disney)
When I first saw an episode, I thought it was obnoxious and didn't understand the premise. It is about a girl named Sonny joining her favorite sketch show ala "All That," the show is done by the guy who wrote for "All That." They film next to a drama like Drawson's Creek called Mckenzie Falls and the star falls for Sonny. Anyhoo, many regard the show as a variety showcase as it has comedy, drama and singing. But I like the writing, it is witty and original, especially the episode about originality and 'dabbling.' And the sketch "The Real princesses of New Jersey." It is genuinely funny. Negatives: The acting sometimes can be a turn-off and also the fart jokes (yet Gassie is a veiled parody of fart joke sketches) and the duo of Nico and Grady sometimes are annoying.

Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney)
Easily regarded as a Harry Potter-rip-off but the show has its own mythology: A sister and two brothers, have to compete to see who will be the 'family wizard' and keep the powers. The show is applauded to be a mixed-race family, Italians and Mexicans. I thought that since they live in New York, their mother would be Puerto Rican but it is refreshing they didn't go with a cliche. Alex (Selena Gomez) as a character can be a bit much, annoying in her scheming ways. And when Max was younger, he was irritating, his acting has gotten better. The real attraction is Harper, a true friend and creative dress maker. Negatives: Some of the crappy effects. In the episode where both Justin and Alex loose their werewolf boyfriend and vampire girlfriend, the set is pretty lame. And one time they were hunting monsters and the monsters were lamer than anything on Sci-Fi channel. Also in one episode, they made us sympathetic to a wizard that is a lot like Alex but then is found out to be 'evil' so she is turned to ice and is broken into little pieces---which no one bats an eye or cares about to the fact that they killed a human.

The Troop (Nick)
I have reviewed this show before. Teenage monster hunters. It can be a bit redundant but it has its quirks. Not overtly original but it is a nice successor to Are You Afraid of the Dark and The Secret World of Alec Mack. Negatives: The obnoxious sister, some of the boring plots.

Here are the bad shows:
Victorious (Nick)
Utter crap. I am so tired of seeing the face of Victoria Justice. She can barely act and for a show about creative people, it is not awfully creative. The actress playing her sister is a fat face annoying person (maybe its the bad writing for her or her acting). Positives: She's Hispanic?

Good Luck Charlie (Disney)
An awful run-of-the-mill family sitcom, there is nothing special about this trash. It is an utter waste of the actress who played Justin's girlfriend in Wizards. This probably is a vehicle for both her and that guy playing her brother, the girl has promise. The actress playing her mother should never get hired again, it is sad to see her try to be funny or even act. She isn't very appealing, it puts me off. Positives: None.

Big Time Rush (Nick)
Boy Band show. No smart jokes. Not even funny. Over-exaggerated fluff. Positives: Only one of the guys are remotely cute, the others are not my type at all. One is the token Hispanic but is ugly, one is like James Van Der Beek (suppose to be cute but isn't) and one has awful bangs and sunbaked face.

Hannah Montana (Disney)
Can't stand this show. I have tried to give the show a chance on multiple occasions but it is just awful. The worse part is Miley Cyrus, whose acting is horrendous and annoying. Apparently she thinks shouting her lines is affective. I often like to call the show "Jem for retards." Positives: Girls seems to love it.

Suite Life on Deck (Disney)
I am on the fence about this show. I do watch it. It is semi-entertaining. But it gets old quick. They wedged in the black actor, who was weened in that Tyler Perry show so he clearly knows the sitcom business but his character seems to have no purpose. And the characters 'visit' other countries (via sets or Disney's Epcot Center), but they are filled with stereotypes and nothing new to give. It would have been refreshing if they actually taught kids real facts on these countries.