Sunday, July 11

CapriSun's Disrespectoids: Killing Children

For more than a year, Caprisun fruit juice has had an advertisement campaign called The Disrepectoids, in which children disrespect the Caprisun pouch (Respect the Pouch) and become strange objects based on the assault that have done to the juice drink. Each has a unique name and you can play several games on their website. For example, a boy's head is replaced by a Bobble Head replica of his head (below); a boy poked holes in a pouch so he now has holes in his body; a girl becomes an inanimate pogo stick (above); a girl becomes an inanimate replica of herself in balloons in the style of balloon animals; a girl becomes whoopie cushion replica of herself but can still move, see, and speak; a boy becomes a pool toy turtle but with his real head; a boy becomes his dog's chew toy; a girl becomes an inanimate sand statue that breaks away because of the ocean tide. So basically all these kids are dead, except for the boy with the holes, the whoopie cushion girl, and the turtle boy, but they are basically freaks who can barely live now. I am surprised parents haven't complained yet.