Sunday, July 25

Jane Lynch as Sam's Mom in iCarly

As much as I love Jane Lynch, I think casting her as Sam's fabled unemployed and rancid mother is not the greatest idea. Jane has played plenty of villains and rude people, most of them posh but now she is playing a white trash mother. I think she may over-do it, even from this picture, it looks like it is going to be real rough between Sam and her mother. We never seen Sam's mom before but we hear plenty about her. This episodes is said to air in the Fall, most likely we won't be seeing her much after this episode because her commitment to Glee. She is a big get. While I am on the subject of iCarly, in an upcoming episode "i Get a Hot Room," I think we NEVER seen Carly's room before!

Update: The episode will premiere Sept 11 2010.