Sunday, May 16

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Finale Review

It might surprise you that I am reviewing Desperate Housewives after Season 6 and that I am still watching them. But I got to say that after six years, the main four characters are still strong and show what they are best at, even in tense moments. Bree, in facing Sam Page's character, can still make someone hurt, she still good for that final stinger. Lenette, in having given birth and facing a killer, can still bring the heart and the tears, as a mother--to make him do the right thing. Gabrielle, even as superficial she can be, made a promise to a friend and is gonna keep it. In this case, she helps Angie against her ex-husband played by the legendary John Borrowman. And Susan? Well, Susan delivers a teary lament to Mike that she won't see her son MJ grow up in the house her daughter grew up in. John Borrowman does a decent job but his character is just like every other villain in Desperate Housewives, against last year's villain, Dave, Dave was much more charming and creepy. I do love John and want to marry him. Susan made a nice speech about the three friends being a good person. Bree finally confesses to Gabrielle about Andrew running over Carlos' mother.