Tuesday, May 18

Glee Dream On Episode Review

"Dream On"
I had to review this episode directed by Joss Whedon! He said he wanted it to be seamless in with the rest of the Glee episodes and not seem too much like 'his episode.' When he directed The Office, I could tell he directed it... only for one scene where Pam is all alone at her Art Show, except for of course when Michael comes in. Anyway, I usually watch Lost and record Glee because Glee is happier and I want to watch happy after serious. But tonight, I watched Glee in HD for Neil Patrick. Neil Patrick is tour-de-force giving the whole complexity of his character who appears in just this one episode. His duet with Will on "Dream On" is awesome. Neil plays an ex-rival of Will in High School and is bitter, and wants to cut the program. Will is able to convince Bryan Ryan to change his mind and they audition for a role in a play. Sue doesn't play a part until the Third Act. Bryan and Sue even have sexual chemistry, they actually have sex (off-screen). But they actually have chemistry. Also, Jesse is back and he is pretty sexy. Artie and Tina's romance continues as Artie's dream to be a dancer is revealed.

Recently there was controversy about a writer saying gay men can't pull off playing straight. Even though Sue and Bryan are both played by openly-gay actors, the chemistry is still there. You are convinced they will have naughty yucky sex. And in a SHOCKER, the coach of New Directions turns out to be Rachel's real mom. Jesse's true intentions are revealed. I originally thought it was that he was in love with his coach, since she looked like Rachel and kissed her, like he was kissing his coach. But in reality, his coach got him to 'befriend' Rachel in order to get her to look for her because she can't legally reach out for her. Rachel's emotional duet in the end, which is a bit Buffy musical-ish, unfortunately and fortunately. It is done beautiful. Kevin Mchale's boybander skills are also seen in a dream sequence. Whedon knows how to get to the heart, but not too mushy.