Tuesday, May 11

Allison Janney guest starred on "Lost"


Alison Janey guest starred tonight on "Lost" and she was a welcomed guest. She did a terrific job. She only appeared in flashbacks. But she is now part of the mythology of Lost and the Island. Okay, here is the spoiler--she plays the mother of Jacob and the boy in black, well, not the real mother, the adoptive mother. A pregnant woman comes to the island and has the two twins and was killed by Alison Janey's unnamed character. She, of course, lies to the children. Telling them there is no one across the sea. The majority of the episode was about them, Jacob and the Man in Balck, who remains unnamed, and obviously, they are twin brothers. As soon as I saw the pregnant woman, I knew she was Jacob's mother. When I saw the twins, I realized it was them.