Wednesday, January 20

Russell Brand in Drop Dead Fred Remake

Drop Dead Fred was a 1991 film that delighted and perplexed me as a child. I liked the premise but the film gave me a chill of emptiness. The film is about Lizzie, who has been psychologically abused by her overbearing mother and has lost her job and husband and returned to live with her mother. She unleashes her childhood imaginary friend who remains in childish humor (farting, vomiting and womanizing) and she gets blamed for his antics. She plans to reclaim her husband but ultimately has to stand on her two feet. The movie itself is surreal, sometimes great, sometimes just stale, with level one humor.

Russell Brand is an interesting choice. They say the movie will be darker, it was dark enough the first time around, being announced as a kids film, I think it was PG-13 at best. There is promise the remake will be like Beetlejuice but with one of the writers of "Land of the Lost," is to pen the remake, doesn't give much promise. We'll see. It would be interesting if it will be good and a hit. I hope this one isn't as depressing as the first film is (to an adult). I did like when Fred got serious though.

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