Friday, January 15

Conan's show up in the air!

Jay Leno is on track to retake the helm of "The Tonight Show" - and Conan O'Brien could be gone by next week, according to two new reports. The moves would solve NBC's late-night woes, restoring Leno to 11:35 p.m. in his old hour-long slot. O'Brien's staunch opposition to a plan to move him as "Tonight Show" host to 12:05 a.m. has made Leno's return all but inevitable, insiders said.

Conan and Ritcher spoke of what he can do afterwards:
He will now take any job it can offer: “You want me on one of those celebrity rehab shows? You name the drug, and I will get hooked on it tomorrow.” Conan, meanwhile, took the liberty of thinking up titles for the porno he’s been asked to star in based on his battle with NBC. A few of my favorites: Two Hosts, One Slot; Changing Time Sluts; and NBC Lawyer Gang Bang: The Backend Deals.

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