Saturday, January 9

Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien Switch Places

I am sure everyone has already heard that because of Jay Leno's low ratings, he and Conan are switching time slots either during or after the Winter Olympics. Last week Conan called NBC the 'Never Believe Your Contract!'‎ With the new switching, this has created a mini-feud between Conan fans and Leno fans. Leno fans are happy about Leno being at 11:30pm again, but Conan fans are not happy. And rumors say that if Leno does well on that spot, it might be permanent. But his show might still remain being called The Jay Leno Show. Or it could occur that Leno takes over the Tonight Show once again. Conan has not commented yet. I am personally siding with Conan, I dont think it should be a war but I dont think Conan should loose his spot. He deserves it. I think Leno should stay with his spot, it might work out. You guys already know how I feel about Leno, hes homophobic & insensitive (he has hurt Kathy Griffin already)---critics berate him for being nice to everyone, but that is only to popular celebrities or those he likes or needs to kiss up to. Anyhoo, I think hes time is done, he should just retire and play with his cars.