Thursday, October 15

W.I.T.s Academy Mini Review

"Every Witch Way" is over after four seasons, each season ran in a course of a month. It aired at 7pm on Nickeldeon and was filmed in Miami. "W.I.T.s Academy" is a spin-off starring Emma's sidekick Andi (Daniella Nieves) and the only other two characters carried on from "EWW" is Jax's little sister Jessie and Agamemnon, the head of the Witches Council. It is written by former General Hospital writer Catharina Ledeboer and it shows. It isn't as 'shock' telenovela like Every Witch Way with twists and turns but it moves smoothly Episodically without much plot or villain. It isn't over but after its first two weeks, "W.I.T.s Academy" (W.I.T.s stands for Witches in Training) has made a cute impression. The cast, which is mostly kids, are endearing and young Miss Nieves and Todd Allen Durkin have enough experience and it shows. Since there are more witches in this series, there is more special effects, mostly teleporting and magic spell trails.
Some Spin-offs change their main character which was a minor character in the original series, Andi hasn't changed much but she is more realized, she indeed still tomboy-ish and fixes machinery. Like any 'Girl' series, Andi has a rival in Ruby, an annoying childish character. As many of the teenagers are in charge of children witches/wizards, Ruby is the most irresponsible. Cameron is the head boy and the kiss butt. Luke is the cute potential boyfriend for Andi. Andi had a boyfriend in "EWW" that was a zombie. Aggie is more caring and symphetic. Anyway this series is promising.