Friday, September 11

Dream Cast: Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus was a series of books focused on science and became a cartoon in the mid-90s, Ms. Fizz was voiced by Lily Tomlin and she was the teacher who took her class on a magic school bus that defied science to show science. I thought of casting kids but kids grow up too fast and if you guys see this years later, it wouldn't make sense. So I decided to cast young adults in a sequel movie, they are little older and Ms. Fizz tracks them down to teach them one last lesson before they graduate for High School and she retires.

Vanessa Beyer/Ms. Frizz
Vaness Beyer (Saturday Night Live) has the right amount of energy and comedy timing to portray the eclectic Ms. Frizz. Her pet chameleon Liz can always be played by CGI and it's a non-speaking character. The bus also does not speak.

Dorothy Ann
She was the one that always said "According to my research." Dove Cameron from Descendants and that twin show on Disney Channel. 

He was always making bad puns. Tyler Alaverez of Every Witch Way. Fans have paired together Dorothy Ann and Carlos, I'd pair them together, where Carlos is more fun-loving and Dorothy Ann is stricter.

Keesha was smart and came up with solutions. Riele Downs from Henry Danger.

She was new to their school and always said, "At my old school." Willa Fitzgerald of MTV's Scream has that sweet aproachable-ness. 

The dense jock. I'd go with Adam Devine as a retained (held back) Ralphie, who was a chubby kid who grew up to be a jock. Adam Devine is best known for Workaholics and Modern Family. He also voices Pizza Steve in Uncle Grandpa on Cartoon Network.

He was the scary cat who always wanted to leave. Robert Capron (Rowley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid) was a ginger and chubby but he's now older and slimmer, with glasses, he can draw sympathy as Arnold. 

He had zero personality on the show, in my dream movie he would be the level-headed one, the voice of reason. I'd pick Tyrel Jackson Williams from Disney XD's Labrats. 

She was the pushy one. She would leap before thinking. Arden Cho plays the shy and nervous but kickass Kira on Teen Wolf.

Arnold's trouble-making cousin. Ariel Winter (Modern Family's Alex) will be 18 next year but could still pass a teenager. This role would be different that intelligent and snarky Alex as Janet, I imagine more as a tougher troublemaker, maybe even a sexy one.