Wednesday, October 28

Male Model Sexuality

People assume most male models are gay but in fact, according to their own accounts, interviews, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and other social media most are straight. I am not one to out people but these are people who say it.
1. Chad White
 2. Ellis Mcreadile
He has a girlfriend for the past two years.
3. Cory Bond
He has been married to his wife for 10 years.
4. David Gandy
This British model is married to a woman.

5. Aaron O'Connell
6. Devon Spence

7. Tyler Lough

8. Juan Betancourt
9. Lee Kholafai
10. Richie Nuzzolesse
11. River Viiperi
He famously dated Paris Hilton, currently sibgle.
12. Garrett Neff
13. Brian Shimansky


1. Jon Kortajarena
Ex-boyfriend is Luke Evans.

2. Barrett Pall

3. Christopher Fawcett

4. Max Emerson

5. Taray Carey

6. Tommy Didario
Fiancé is Gio Bentinez of ABC.

7. Miles McMillian
Boyfriend of Zachary Quinto

 8. Rodiney Santiago
He famously was openly gay on reality shows The A-List.

9. JP Calderon
He came out in the reality show Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.